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Pregnant Nun Ice-cream Ad Ban

Facing freeze: The picture of the pregnant nun eating ice cream is facing a ban by the advertising watchdog
Catholics want it banned, which means that their religion isn't much use to them, or they radically misinterpret it, or simply don't believe in it at all. Ad-agencies think it's 'creative', when in fact it's a terrible cliche.
If advertising is banned from expressing heretical images, why should it be allowed to routinely insult and devalue women and sexuality in general?
If the ten or so neurotics who complained about this ad can get it removed, then surely the days of sexist advertising are over. It would take 5 minutes Facebook activity to target and stifle a huge proportion of ads on the High Street and TV, and radically transform advertising industry policy and values overnight.
What's good for the pope is good for the gender.
The Catholic church should be praying that only a few nutters make a fuss about this, because every voice raised in protest is yet more evidence that religious faith does not exist. That religion offers no spiritual peace or harmony with the world. If it lived up to its claims, its adherents would not even notice this trivia, or Jerry Springer The Opera, or The Satanic Verses, or any of the other so-called 'offences' against religion.

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