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Free Frankie Boyle!

Free-Spirited teenage necrophiliac Frankie Boyle has apparently broken the shackles of the BBC and escaped to Channel 4 to start his new show Tramadol Nights, which is going to be pretty hot stuff, according to the hype.
Interesting then that Boyle originally wanted the show to be called 'Deal With This, Retards' but gave in to the money men who were afraid that the advertisers would pull out. So who is the bigger censor? The BBC, or the advertisers on Channel4?
Boyle is another casualty comic. A confessional, overbearing, uninhibited, over-confidential scream for attention. Johnny Vegas is another classic case of an act without curtains, where the stage persona reflects the society being satirized in the material. Saying out loud things which only the deranged or damaged would, and which the rest of us are too careful to.
Boyle has created the ultimate disease of Consumerism, Necro-Pride. But his real craft is in his care with words. Every one seems to matter, and is lovingly placed and delivered. Like garnishing a turd.

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