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Botox Politics

The most disappointing aspect of all was probably the fact that the Guardian, of all outlets, chose to run the apparently damning image of Brown with his head in his hand, listening to the playback on the Jeremy Vine show for the BBC.
Anyone who actually watched and listened to the footage from which this was decontextualised will know that in fact, Brown leant forward before the tape started playing. He was adopting a fairly standard position many people use when concentrating on anything, and one which seems characteristic of him. He was not collapsed in despair at his gaff as he hadn't yet heard it.
In fact, I seem to remember similar frozen footage from earlier in the campaign, and that was also briefly spun against him.
Appearance is now much more important than reality. Every single frame from a video can now be used at print resolution, which increases the ability to lie by a factor of 125 frames per second. Which means that no politician will be able to be a normal human being again. Every second of footage will be scrutinised for the killer moneyshot of him gurning, sneering, squinting or drooling. If we wanted a generation of Botox politics, that's what we've got.

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