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A Perfect Day

Another nutty professor claims that income is an indicator of intelligence. The working class are irredemiably, genetically stupid he says, and therefore should be discouraged from taking up university space better exploited by those more gifted by Nature - the well-off middle classes. The working class are simply gentically inferior and should get used to it.
Black people are disporportionately represented in the working class, so the good Doctor is also saying that
they are genetically inferior too. That race is an indicator of intelligence, and that the superior races should be allowed to fulfill their genetic destiny and rule the earth. That the poor and racially inferior should leave the higher functions of society, requiring intellectual ability as measured by the infallible IQ method, to the white middle class descendants of Rhodes, Voerwerd and Jeffrey Archer.
Maybe some intelligent hack at the Mail would like to phone up Dr Charlton and ask him to explain the inherent racism of his crackpot theory. Now that would be a true indicator of intelligence among the superior white middle classes at The Mail.

Meanwhile, Britain continues to get drunker, and its drunks continue to get younger. The British seem unable to face the reality of life under Consumerism except through a thick alcohol haze. The Entire Soviet civil service had the same problem.

"These rises paint a worrying picture about the relationship between the population and the bottle,"
said Tim Straughan, chief executive of the NHS Information Centre.

Meanwhile, Brent Crude hits $134 / barrel.
Surely all these things can't be connected in any way.

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