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The Axis of Evil Destroys The Universe

Time Bandits. Film Four 444. 9.30. 5/5/08
' The point is Kevin, the universe is a bit of a bodge job. The Supreme Being only gave us 6 days, and so there's lots of holes. This is a map of the holes...'

The Sky At Night 666.
BBC4 11.30. 5/5/08
Sir Patrick Moore to panel:
'What do you think of this 'Axis Of Evil' theory?'

What has to be said is that what Newton found worked on a planetary level didn't work on a larger scale. And so Einstein had to make the appropriate adjustments. To discover the explanation for what we could see in the wider universe. Who is to say that in another 100 years we won't have to readjust Einstein, or even accept that the universe is not perfect? That it is not consistent.
Now we find out that Og was right - more or less. That the universe is no longer universal. Science is not a pursuit of absolutes, of perfect laws. That science is a way we've evolved of keeping track of the imperfections in the laws of time and space. A map of the holes...

Or very nearly. The panel of respected cosmologists were repeating, almost word for word, Og's explanation to Kevin of the origins of the Universe, and the advantages to the average chancer of possessing a map of the holes in it. And more than that, within a few minutes of each other in the fabric of the TV continuum. What are the chances of that? At least they're better than our chances of actually meeting or contacting anyone from another galaxy, if the gathering at Patrick Moore's place were to be believed.
According to them, it's a bit of a mistake that we are here at all. And the time we've got left to even see any of the rest of the universe is so tiny, we might as well get used to the fact that we are going to just have to get along with our own species, and that no slender strangers from space are ever going to rescue us from ourselves.
And just as importantly, by depicting a universe which is far from orderly or perfect, it casts even more doubt (if any more were needed) that the universe was not designed by anyone or anything. No Supreme Being could have made such a bodge job of it.

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