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Africans Are Stupid Say BNP

BNP Support Mad Geneticist and Blow Their Expensive PR Front.
By hailing disgraced boffin Jim Watson, who believes all Africans to be stupid, as the 'New Galileo' the BNP clearly believes that anyone black is of an inferior race. Their recent attempt to wear suits and stand upright like human beings has therefore failed. Like chimps in tuxedos, their crotches are hanging far too low, and their hairy toes just won't take to shoes.
At least Watson had the excuse of age and boffinitis for his folly. But the BNP just blew their entire PR budget for the last five years on him. Like putting your house on a horse because you like his name.
A month ago they were the responsible voice of overburdened local government. With black supporters, no less. And now this dive back into the breeders club. How long before they dig out the black shorts?
It seems the blatant racism was merely in mothballs too, and so wouldn't take much effort or expense to disinterr. Even smellier than when put away, but still wearable and not offensive to the wearer at all. It is quaint to see such a perfectly pickled specimen of Pre-Industrial Man. It's like seeing Bishop Berkeley or John Knox after centuries of immersion in a peat bog.
Black and squashed and dead and deformed, but still recognisably medieval.
The now shreds of the IQ argument so beloved by the racists and eugenicists of the BNP and other scumpolitik are finally on the floor revealing the true horror beneath.
Kyoto Research.
Tests can prove that apes are smarter than people. So those good at IQ tests are no more intelligent than other human beings than an ape is.


  1. Anonymous1:25 am

    im Watson, who believes all Africans to be stupid


    He didnt say that, as you well know.

    On average African IQ ranks below that of whites. Whites, who, as you know rank below Jews and east Asians in IQ terms.

    To say all Africans are stupid would clearly be inaccurate and a scientist of Watson's stature would hardly make a mistake of that kind.

    Your denigration of Watson is joke. He is a co-discoverer of DNA, got a Nobel prize for what its worth, do you think he might just know a tiny bit about genetics?

    Youre a fan of Dawkins I see, evolution is only a useful theory for attacking creationists is it? But what about human evolution, nope, somehow we are exempt. Is that how it works? A fairy story of human egalitarianism. A flat earth of genetics.

    The now shreds of the IQ argument

    Youre a funny guy! The IQ argument is kicking sand in the face of egalitarians everywhere. Watson's mistake was to forget he was talking in the public domain, not in front of other scientists, who've developed all sorts of codespeak for the scary realities of of IQ and ethnic difference.

    See Im doing it too! Ethnic difference instead of racial difference.

    Your chimp study there doesnt cut it btw. As it says thats a test of memory, thats all. IQ testing aims to uncover speed of information processing, abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning etc etc. Of course good memory helps too.

    That study just proves its own limited scope and does nothing to make me think that chimps are about to start building jet aircraft, an internet, blogging software, cars, spacecraft or whatever - already done by (white) people, as if you didnt know.

  2. 'To say all Africans are stupid would clearly be inaccurate and a scientist of Watson's stature would hardly make a mistake of that kind.'

    But by clinging to the sinking hulk of IQ that's exactly what he does, taking you and the BNP down with him.

    As you confess, 'The IQ argument is kicking sand in the face of egalitarians everywhere.'. It is more political tactic than genuine scientific tool - as the complexion of its most devoted fans (the BNP) reveals.

  3. Anonymous11:12 am

    Sorry, Im not aware that IQ is a sinking hulk.

    Its a tool thats been refined and refined. Properly done, IQ tests have a great deal of predictive power. Far more than the ragbag of psychological and sociological theories which dribble unceasingly through public discourse.

    Why do black children (on average) perform badly in school?

    Over the years Ive heard it ascribed to white overtly racist teachers. White, unconsciously racist teachers. A lack of black teachers. Black teachers who unconsciously undermine black pupils. Racist teaching materials, institutional racism. The soft bigotry of low expectations. Being out of step with the majority white racist culture, low self esteem. Lack of male role models for boys etc etc.

    Any more? Im sure there are. Thats not to say some of these things may be true some of the time but they just dont add up to a robust explanation.

    Thing is, after a few years one realises that the excuses just keep piling up, some of them being mutually exclusive. One begins to suspect there is one common factor. Race and IQ.

  4. "Why do black children (on average) perform badly in school?"
    The same reason all disadvantaged children do. And black children (on average) have more disadvantages than most, plus one or two just for them.
    You should take some IQ tests yourself if you can't understand the class system you live in. Then you might not end up being racist.


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