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Cameron a Dud and an Idiot says Kelvin McKenzie.

I watched Kelvin McKenzie's Anti-Cameron rant on 'This Week' tonight with some bemusement. Surely this can't the same Kelvin who, during the Tory leadership campaign urged them to "skip a generation and go for Cameron." And yet now Cameron is a 'dud' and an 'idiot' and whatsmore, McKenzie categorically denies ever supporting him.
Unless I'm getting him mixed up with Richard Littlejohn again (an easy mistake to make) McKenzie delivered his original Cameron eulogy on the very same Andrew Neill vehicle. And the old boy did suffer a flicker of memory and asked the spluttering Kelvin "Didn't you support Cameron?" To which there was a harrumphing hesitation and a telltale wave of the hand, and the words..'..the Sun may I didn't..'. which was totally out of character with the rest of McKenzie's bulldozing bluster. He was stopped in his tracks and put off his stroke and hadn't realised it was loaded.

Surely the correct response of an innocent McKenzie in front of a jury of his peers would have been 'On yer effin bike!'. But he no longer seemed himself, somehow. Neill had reminded him of an uncomfortable truth, maybe? What do I know?

Anybody able to confirm whether my memory is better than 'Macca's'? Or is it 'Kezza'? I can't do the babytalk.

Either way, the expression on Diane Abbott's face was that of a woman watching her adulterous husband disembowel himself with a broken bottle. Concerned but blissful. And Michael Portillo told him, in the best possible taste, to shut his big gob. So something was definitely up. Someone out there will know what, exactly. After all, we should be told whether a prominant political columnist on the highest selling British newspaper, which brags of its ability to distort the democratic process is able to remember from one year to the next who he believed would be the best candidate to lead Her Majesty's Opposition.

The man who said, on BBC's Any Questions on 06 January 2006.

But anyway on the question of Cameron, first of all I think Cameron against Brown, I think Cameron will wipe the floor with Brown.

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