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Wootton Bassett Shame. George Medal for Libya

Wootton Basset represents one of the most shameful, vainglorious, death-worshipping hypocritical displays of menial subservience to the worst excesses of gutter jingoism since 1914.
The glorification of the ridiculous Afghan war, and the futile deaths of young people to preserve the face of politicians, is tantamount to corporate manslaughter. Callow, impressionable CHILDREN lured by the lie of Glorious Heroism to their deaths in the dirt. And for what? No single British life was ever saved by our presence in Afghanistan (or Iraq). The only beneficiaries have been the bloodthirsty media with their endless morbid wallowing in the fake emotion paraded by the gullible yokels of Wootton Bassett, whose histrionics and desire for civic attention overcame their better judgement (although I'm sure the local Chamber of Commerce would disagree). They should have considered a twinning arrangement with Benghazi or Misratah if they really wanted to find out about human suffering. The daily blanket coverage given the town over the last month by the BBC is the worst use of License Payers money this year. And that includes an entire season of Strictly Come Dancing.
If the British People want to lavish their emotions on a worthy community, one which has displayed just about every joyous and positive human quality in the last 6 months, they should think about awarding the people of Libya the George Medal, as they did to Malta.

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