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The Clingon Expenses Scandal

If indeed it is inevitable that Labour will lose the next election then it has to get rid of Gordon Brown now. By doing so, it might at least cut the size of the landslide to come, and some Labour MPs might save their jobs.
If the Labour party does not have the long-term political survival instincts to see this, it deserves to lose. By proving it does have them by choosing a new leader, whatever his or her merits, it might just stand a chance of reclaiming some public credibility and at least be able to mount some form of effective opposition to the crippled meanderings of Cameron and his Etonian mates.
Gordon Brown will naturally cling on to power as long as possible, hoping to be rescued by his international prestige and his perceived role as the Action Man of the Crunch. But by doing so he is presenting the anti-political media with another year to undermine not only him, but the entire political class, recently resurgent after decades of inaction, but now cowering in the shadow of the next issue of the Daily Telegraph.
By staying, he is also risking the jobs of many of his colleagues, and is therefore in a very delicate political game which cannot be won by bullying. So he may not be granted the time for Barack and Angela and Silvio to make their decisive Facebook entries.
So with the bankers and politicians now discredited, the only thing to do is to invite fascists to have tea with the Queen. Obviously. Only a rank socialist would imagine any other solution.
People are right to be angry at the corruption and greed of the politiciuans they trusted with their vote. But methinks they do protest a teeny bit too much too. After all, they would never cheat the IRS. Just as journalists would never inflate their expenses, or their bosses hide their money in tax havens.
If they were sincere about democratic accountability, the media would be doing some accountancy, namely, by conspicuously balancing the numbers of offending MPs against the numbers of the innocent, giving a true picture of the problem. But the message blaring out is that all elected politicians are villains, which (conveniently) only leaves the press and Joanna Lumley as a source of honesty and decency. Plus of course the unelected politicians...
The obvious solution to this state of complete decadence would be for all the press to back the nutter party of their choice, and by empowering it, seek to then 'control' it.
The rest is history.

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