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Watching Jade Goody

Watching the ebb and flow of the Jade Goody story is like watching a society turning itself inside-out to try and find out why it hurts. As if watching the way she dies will teach us how to live. As if, in an age when information is power, everything must be scrutinised to make us feel we are alive, because power is life.
So in Goody, but also in the televised family histories of celebrities, and even in our growing need to discover more and more information about our own heritage, and in the entire cyberworld of facebook and Blogger and Twitter, we are involved in a world in which the more details we control and create, the more hits we have on our website, or the more we know about a specific person, the more a part of something we feel, rather than alone.
Jade Goody has provided a perfect story product for our time, massive content for the cyber-world, and as part of that g-g-generation, knew instinctively what to do with it. Where do morals come into it, really?
Maybe now Channel 4 will think about doing a Big Brother from a hospice.
It may happen.

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