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The BBC Spits In The Face of Vietnam

The BBC's Top Gear proudly announces its Xmas Special - another expensive jolly holiday for Jezza & Co, on which they can sneer at the natives and admire the sunsets while playing schoolboy tricks on each other for the amusement of the backpacking and sex-tourist audience.
We wait 30 years for a decent TV documentary on Vietnam, and then none comes along all at once. What a responsible team of journalists could have done with the budget of this obscene farce we will never know. Perhaps the BBC might now consider a proper documentary on this ravaged country, unless, of course, the Americans might get annoyed and kick up a fuss.
Like almost every inch of film shot about Vietnam, this merely served the needs of its one time aggressors. Vietnam is there for our amusement. Another potential Thailand. A mecca for sex-tourists and other consumer perverts - as defended by the popular press in thios country, including even the likes of the Guardian, if the posts allowed on their obscene messageboards are anything to go by.
At best, western media coverage of Vietnam is merely a way of mourning Western losses. So far the BBC has never had the guts to tackle the question of Vietnam from the point of view of the Vietnamese and broadcast it at a time and on a channel where it will be seen. A half hour report at 3am on the World Service will not do.

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