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08/08/08 Ling-A-Long-A-Lympics.

It's only a matter of time before Adrian Chiles gives in to temptation or exhaustion and blurts out:

"I wanna tell ya a STORY."

The cosiness of the BBC output from the Ling Long Pagoda is positively Bygravian. With Granny Sue Barker as his sidekick, every elasticated slipper in the country will be at attention for the rest of the games.

But how long can this approach last? Is it an inevitable result of an ageing population? The voice of the grey pound? As Maxie himself might well have said, will it Linga Longa or pa-Go Da way of all flesh? Surely it's time for the BBC to get over the loss of Des Lynam, and employ some livelier presenters who know just as little about sport. More Russ Brand and less Russ Conway, in other words.
As Maxie used to say:

"That's a good idea, SON."

Ling Long Media Centre
Beijing Olympics 2008

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