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Boycott Redruth Youth Curfew

As if on cue, the corpses of Redruth now decide to put their lifelessness and spite on display by demanding that all young people be locked up indoors after 9pm in the summer holidays. Apparently, the sight of young, lively activity, and the sound of young voices is frightening to the cadavers who run the town.
Naturally, it will take more police to enforce this nasty, dirty, pettyminded little directive than it would take to keep the streets safe from the tiny minority of troublemakers - of all ages.
In the last 30 years, youth budgets across the country, at local and national level, have been slashed. In that same period, the demonisation of young people has reached hysterical levels.
The young people of Redruth should know that they can't arrest you all, and their parents should know that they can't take you all to court. But even more significantly, that if your children are made to feel like a problem by society simply because of their age they are going to be a problem, and if they are treated as criminals, they are more likely to commit crimes. And nobody wants that.
If the good old boys of Redruth are genuinely concerned, they had better start working to recreate some kind of community where they live. Otherwise, they are going to continue to live in misery and fear. Because there will always be young people, and they will always be a nuisance for as long as their basic, developmental needs are stifled.
I know it seems like a tall order, but Redruth is not going to solve its perceived problems by criminalising every teenager because of their age. That is a sure recipe for disaster. Only a functioning community, which young people feel part of and which is an integral part of their conscience, can help. The concerned residents should be lobbying for resources, and for the refurbishment of any resources they do have left after the ravages of the Right To Buy, and the car industry.
Treating youth as either a mental illness or a manifestation of the Devil is not going to help either, and neither is blaming the parents in an age when many parents have less control over what their kids think than the music industry and the producers of Hollyoaks.
If they want the streets to run on time why not go all the way and have a total midnight curfew. Nobody allowed out after 12 without 'papers'. That should put a stop to people enjoying themselves and make the paranoid feel a bit safer. Everyone's a winner - except for everyone still alive, of course.

What is the cause of British paedophobia? Partly it is displaced bigotry, as with every passing persecution fad. With every other minority group legally safe from persecution, only the young are available to be safely picked on. And they have very little legal, economic or social status, so they deserve all they get.

'We came for the Blacks, and got a good kicking.So we went for Women, and they humiliated us into submission.So we went Queer-bashing, and even that was made illegal.'
After making fun of the Welsh got boring, we realised that there was no season on young people, rebranded them 'Hoodies', and the rest is history.

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