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Shock Report. Immigrants Only Human, say Lords

According to a House of Lords report, immigration into Britain has no overall benefit for the poorest members of British society. Just like 'economic growth' and war, in fact.
Man for man and pound for pound, each immigrant only contributes roughly as much to the British economy as their British counterparts, and as usual, the working class doesn't benefit much at all. Not so much news as a giant April Fool joke. Only not funny. And if anything, further evidence that people are far more similar than they are different - which is an argument in favour of immigration, if anything.
The benefits of a diverse society, where even South Africans are allowed to influence British culture, are only a mystery to devout racists and hand-wringing liberals who cheered their brains out at the destruction of the trade unions and the closed shop. Without regulation of working conditions by workers, immigration was always inevitable in the 'free market', and those who rejoiced at the defeat of working class then are now squealing loudest at the effects of removing that layer of regulation.
So the anti-immigration lobby hate both the union-based regulation of the labour market and the free market which exploits a weakened trade union movement. That is classic doublethink, and I wish these people would make up their so-called minds.

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