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Chaos Architecture On Sea

Timber from the Ice Prince cargo ship, which sank off the Dorset coast, is washed up on Worthing beach in West Sussex.

Great sculptures. They'll be even better in 5 years.
These constructions were made by the sea. The structural integrity they have was determined by the forces which created them. And so the more force (wave and tide) is exerted on them, the more they will be constructed by them, not destroyed. So shouldn't these structures be the most natural at absorbing those forces? And the more they are battered into shape, the greater will be their ability to absorb the same forces. In other words, these could be the perfect, chaos designed, tidal barriers. Any structural engineers or chaos architects out there?
Either way, some of this stuff is worth leaving, if only as a social experiment of how people react when a surplus of a commodity is left unsecured. After all, there is quite enough for everyone, and no top hat is going to turn up with a dozen artics for a load of soggy timber.

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