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Virginia Tech Massacre - the N.R.A. Solution

If, as the nutters of the NRA would like, every student in Virginia Tech carried a gun, there would be far more nutters carrying guns, and they would be used more often. Killings would be a regular occurrence, and the college would close.
On the street, anyone would be fair game at the slightest provocation, the 'Precautionary Principle' would see to that, and the killer could always claim self-defence as the victim would also be carrying a gun. It would be a return to an even darker age of barbarism than the one America is now in. Which is the object of the exercise.
The Nutter Tendency reassures us that guns will only be issued to the 'decent and responsible'. Who are these 'law abiding citizens'? And how do you spot them?
What criminal tendencies did the Virginia suicide killer display?
The truth is that this insane fantasy that more guns means less killing has been disproved by the entire history of America. So what this boils down to is that if the patient nearly dies from the medicine, double the dose.
In fact it is nothing but an opportunist rabble-rousing designed to create even more fear and division in America than already exists - exactly the factors which create the deranged individuals who kill their fellow students without warning or apparent motive. Exactly the same factors which fuel Neo-Islamic suicide bombers - appropriately enough.
So if they have their way, the profiteers of the arms industry will create a society in which everyone is a potential murderer and no-one is to be trusted. A complete breakdown in the social fabric, with only fear holding together a basic level of functional barbarism.
The world of 1984, in other words.
So will the NRA appear next week in Blackburg to cash in on the slaughter and bring its brand of comfort to the bereaved, as it did in Columbine?

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