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Petrolhead Pride - Letterbombs Not Clarkson's Fault

As the sole guardian of the rights of motorists, when will Top Gear do one of its hilarious films about the car which can demolish the most speed camera posts in a 0 - 60 dash?
That would be one in the eye for all the facist leftie councils raking in huge wads of cash from innocent motorists exercising their basic human rights to fund their totalitarian PC agendas. Good luck to you Jeremy and Co. The backlash against commie car-hating green fascists starts here.
What? What did I say?
After all, it's not as if anyone takes what Jeremy Clarkson or anyone says seriously. It's all just a bit of fun. Only the humourless embittered tofu eating, eco-fascists and their Blairite masters don't see the joke. It's not as if anyone was ever going to be influenced or feel justified by a constant stream of misinformation. Let alone misinformation dressed up as entertainment. How could that possibly happen?
I mean, Goebbells tried it, and look what happened to him.

Clarkson and Co and Quentin Wilson and all the other rodeo clowns of the car industry are beginning to look more sinister than usual after the events of the past few days.
The letterbombs will be blamed on 'Loners' as they always are, but nobody is a 'loner' today, unless they truly live in a cave on an island. The fact is that people are influenced and have their grievances vindicated by the likes of motoring propagandists, however many laughs they get.
In fact, I take offence at laughter being abused in this way to further such an agenda, and give impetus to actions such as the destruction of speed cameras and the letterbombing of businesses associated with making drivers obey the law of the land.
But then you have to admire Clarkson for some things.
Famously, his interview with Hugh Grant last sunday.
After Huge had finished painting the grahic picture of his naked anal probe experiences, Jeremy simply couldn't help himself from blurting out:

"I want to get on to your lap!"

I hope the millions of viewers will be more sympathetic and understanding of the complex Clarkson sexuality from now on.
There are regular calls for Clarkson to be removed from the BBC, as if he cared, but then who would sell the message that:

'You're Always Alive In A Car'?

That driving a powerful machine very fast is the most alive it is possible to be, and that everything else is basically the salad on the kebab. That Speed is for Winners.

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