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The Moral Surrender. 9/11 Attacks Excused By Israel.

Only those without morals can fail to see the obscenity of the slaughter in Lebanon.
Taking place beyond their range, it is not justified by the Hezbollah missile attacks. It is a conspicuous act of savagery which Israel will, sadly, come to regret. Opinion in Lebanon already seems to be swinging towards Hezbollah, rather than against, as hoped for in Jerusalem. Presumably, it is only the bombings which are preventing substantial desertions from the Lebanese army to Hezbollah.
But even worse, by being a massacre, it endangers all of us by its surrender of any moral position. By the morals on display, the 9/11 bombers were totally justified. And so at a stroke, the West's whole moral case in 'The War Against Terror' has been undermined by Israel.
And so terrorists the world over will feel more justified in their actions. And naturally, there will be more of them.
Israel, and the rest of the western world, will have to learn that winning this war will take more than bombs, and that killing your enemies' hatred is much more difficult than killing his body.

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