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TV Sports Photography Is Appalling

Will someone please take all the ultra-telephoto lenses down the crusher?
Then, take all the sports cameramen and directors, show them thierfavourite film (Raging Bull, obviously) and give them electric shocks every time the shot goes into even a medium close-up.
When will TV sport realise that the sports enthuisiast wants to see the game, not a saga of the inner torments of the players - however glamorous and overpaid, and no matter how many corporations they endorse.
Every televised cricket match for the last 25 years at least has been totally ruined by the action zoom fetish.
The bowler runs up, all the relevant fielders are in view, the tension is building nicely as we can still see the space into which the ball can go and which way it will move off the pitch. The options are there waiting tobe filled. This creates tension - then suddenly we are thrust into the batsman's face with a ball arriving somehow from the corner of the screen.
The continuity is totally destroyed, and if there is a stroke, we are then subjected to frantic panning to follow the ball, frequently in the wrong direction.
The result is that not only do we miss the full achievement of many catches, but even miss some altogether - the Bangladeshi final dismissaltoday for instance. Also we are unable to assess the rue state of the pitch, or get any sense of the team tactics being played out, frequently with some drama to those able to see the game live.
Football, Rugby, most team sports get the same personality-driventreatment. All off the ball action is seen as irrelevant, whereas anyone who appreciates team sports at even a basic level will know that what makes the game interesting, as opposed to just a crude display of one-to-one dominance, is the role of the chorus,as well that of the hero and villain.
But it seems that everything is a question of goodies and baddies in the cheap melodrama of modern tv sport.
If these guys want to shoot Coronation Street let them go and do it.
If their real talent is endoscopy, I suggest they practise on themselves,and leave sports coverage to people who care about it.

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